sermon series - Sundays - august 20 - September 10, 2017 @ 9:30 am

What does a RESET look like for you?

Do you feel like you're lacking signifacance or fulfillment? Is there a part of you that asks, "Is this all there is in life?"

Just like you sometimes have to reset your phone or computer when it's not working properly or it gets stuck, you can reset you rlife to get it running the way God originially intended.

Starting August 20, 2017 at 9:30 am, we are beginning a new series on this reset theme.

We'll go through these four weeks that will really make a difference in these areas of your life:

Week 1 - "Jesus, Reset My Heart" - It All Starts Here

Week 2 - "Jesus, Reset My Mind" - I Am What I Think About

Week 3 - "Jesus, Reset My Voice" - Good News for Bad times

Week 4 - "Jesus, Reset My Hands" - Soul at Peace, Hands at Work



WEek 1 - August 20 - "Jesus, reset my heart" - It all starts here

The reset that Jesus offers begins with you and me. When we allow our lives to be reset from sin, cynicism, and self-reliance to faith in Jesus—his grace, his love, his transformation—all the other resets we want and need can and will follow.

week 2 - August 27 - "Jesus, reset my mind" - I am what I think about

The best part of spending time with Jesus is that we get to know him. As we learn to focus on Jesus, we can’t help but become more like him—more self-aware, more confident, more self-controlled, more content.

week 3 - september 3 - "jesus, reset my voice" - good news for bad times

Nothing is riskier than letting Jesus control our words, but nothing is more satisfying than speaking up for him.   

week 4 - september 10 - "jesus, reset my hands" - soul at peace, hands at work

Once we are reset by Jesus, we get to join him in his work, which always involves freeing those in bondage, embracing those in isolation, and loving even the unlovely in our midst.

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