We're Glad You're Here! It's an honor for us to be able to serve you by caring for your child! Each time a child is given to us to care for, we will be strinving to:

* Help that child feel comfortable, sae, and secure.

* Help parents feel confident in our caregivers and our facility so that they can worship, serve, or study God's word without worry.

* Help the child begin to understandn that church is a safe place with loving people.

* Help the child begin relationships with new friends. 

  • what we offer

    The ages we serve:

    * Our nursery is designed for children from birth through age 2. 

    * Children ages 3 and older are invited to participate in Promise Land on Sundays.

    When we provide nursery care:

    * Nursery care is provided during Sunday morning worship, Sunday evening worship, and Revolution worship. We also provide nursery care as often as possible for special events (i.e. holiday services, special church-wide meeting, etc.) If nursery care will be provided, it will be noted in the bulletin.

    * Our nursery care begins 15 minutes prior to each service/event, and ends promptly 15 minutes after each one. Please be considerate of our caregivers by pickingup your child right away.

  • Our Facilities

    The nursery is located on the East side of the building just north of the main entrance, across the hall from the bathrooms.

    We offer:

    * An Infant Room for non-mobile infants and early crawlers.

    * A Toddler Room for those past the early crawling stages.

    * A Nursing Area adjacent to the Infant Room

    * A Slilent Pager System to notify you if you are needed by your child during their care in the nursery.

    * A Training Potty for those who are potty training.

  • Safety policies

    General Guidelines:

    * Our nursery has been thoroughly "baby-proofed" and all the toys are checked for potential hazards.

    * Double doors are used to prevent "escapees" from exiting the nursery.

    Diaper Changing/Bathroom Use:

    * Our diaper changing areas ar both in high-visibility locations, and Nursery Moms are the only caregivers authorized to change diapers.

    * Caregivers may assist a child to the restroom and either wait outside or assist the child as needed with the door left open.

    First Aid:

    * In the case of moderate to severe injury, the parent will be notified immediately by our silent pager system.

    * In the case of minor injury the parent will be notified upon their return to the nursery.


    * Caregivers will exit the children out of the nursery.

    * DO NOT come to the nursery to get your child. The children will be taken out through the fire door in the toddler nursery to the East parking lot and released to a parent or guardian after positive identification has been made. 

  • Checking in/picking up

    Check in:

    At the nursery counter you'll be met by one of our caregivers. At that time you'll be invited to:

    * Sign your child/children in on the clipboard.

    * Take a pager (corresponding to the sign-in sheet)

    * Put a nametag on your child.

    * Either hand your child to the caregiver, or, if your child is mobile, they may enter into the nursery.

    * Place your diaper bag in the cubbyholes provided. Please LABEL EVERYTHING!

    * If we have any problems or emergencies, you will be paged. Please come immediately to the nursery.

    Picking up:

    * At the end of the service/event, please proceed promptly to the nursery to pick up your child.

    * At the counter, please present your pager.

    * Please sign your child out on the clipboard.

  • nursery policies and procedures

    * Children receive only a small snack during their time in the nursery (Goldfish, Cheerios, or animal crackers). 

    * Beverages other than bottles are not allowed in the nursery (no juice boxes). Water will be provided as needed.

    * Our volunteers cannot dispense medicine.

    * Our toys and linens are sterilized regularly.

    Please keep your child home if you observe any of the following:

    * Fever of 100 or more within the past 24 hours

    * Vomiting within the last 24 hours

    * Discharge around the eyes

    * Green or yellow runny nose

    * Excessive coughing

    * Diarrhea

    * Questionable rash

    * Any communicable disease (chicken pox, etc.)

    * If your child becomes ill while in the nursery, you will be notified promptly.

    * If your child is being treated with an antibiotic, he or she should have received treatment for at least 24 hours before coming to the nursery.