Serving on Sundays

  • Organ and piano

    AM worship is first row, PM worship is second row

    April 11 Verna, Glenda

                  Karel, Linda J.

    April 18 Karel, Verna

                  Linda, Karel

    April 25 Linda, Glenda

                   Verna, Linda J


  • Ushers - AM service

    April 11 Chad B, Mike H, Dean J

    April 18 Bob R, Brent DW, Tim P

    April 25 Bill N, John Z, Beth Z

    May 2 Dennis DW, Dave K, Chad B

    May 9 Brent DW, Bob VDB, Shirley VDB

    May 16 Don S, Mary S, Bill N

    May 23 Roger S, Matt H, Mike H

    May 30 Dennis DW, Ross N, Mike VK

    June 6 Bob R, Lee L, Tim B

    June 13 John Z, Beth Z, Tim P

    June 20 Dennis DW, Brent DW, Glenda P

    June 27 Roger S, Don S, Mary S

  • greeters - Am service

    April 11 Vern DW, Verna DW, Keith L

    April 18 Don S, Mary S, Ken D

    April 25 Bob VDB, Shirley VDB, Roger S

    May 2 Ross N, Glenda P, Lee L

    May 9 Keith L, Bob R, Tim P

    May 16 Larry S, BetteS, Tim B

    May 23 John Z, Beth Z, Dean J

    May 30 Vern DW, Verna DW, Ken D

    June 6 Dave K, Chad B, Bill N

    June 13 Larry S, Bette S, Dean J

    June 20 Ross N, Keith L, Ken D

    June 27 Bob VDB, Shirley VDB, Matt H

  • nursery - First row is AM, second row is PM

    Nursery is provided for the morning worship service only.

    April 11 Jessica N, Michelle D

    April 18 Jessica N, Krista K

    April 25 Mary L, Hannah T

    May 2 Emily H, Gina P

    May 9 Kim D, Aryn M

    May 16 Ruth V, Jolyn S

    May 23 Jessica N, Lee L

    May 30 Mary L, Laura B  

  • collecting in balcony

    We will not be passing offering plates until further notice. The offering plates are located a the back of the sanctuary, you may mail your offering to the church and it will be given to the deacons, or e-giving is available here or on the Give+ app. 

  • videotaping



    18 DIANE

    25 LAURIE


    2   KIM

    9   TODD/KATHY

    16  DIANE

    23 LAURIE

    30 LAURIE

  • projection

    AM Service

    April 11 Amy

    April 18 Lynnae or Sarah

    April 25 Kerri/Elliot

    May 2 Amity

    May 9 Sarah

    May 16 Kerri

    May 23 Lynnae

    May 30 Amy

    June 6

    June 13

    June 20

    June 27 Amity

  • sound

    AM is listed first column, PM is second column, Revolution audio is third column. Revolution slides is fourth column.