Serving on Sundays

  • Organ and piano

    AM worship is first row, PM worship is second row

    Oct 17 Karel, Verna

                Verna, Linda J

    Oct 24 Verna, Karel

                 Linda, Karel

    Oct 31 Linda, Linda J

                Karel, Verna


  • Ushers - AM service

    Oct 17 JOC

    Oct 24 Ross N, Dennis DW, Brent DW

    Oct 31 Todd, Carrie & Solomon K

    Nov 7 Don & Mary S, tim P

    Nov 14 John & Beth Z, Dennis DW

    Nov 21 JOC

    Nov 25 (Thanksgiving) Matt H, John T, Dave K

    Nov 28 Dave & Kathy J, Bob R

    Dec 5 Dave K, Tim B, Chad B

    Dec 12 Mike V, John & Beth Z

    Dec 19 JOC

    Dec 25 Dennis DW, Brent DW, Bob R

    Dec 26 Todd, Carrie & Solomon K

  • greeters - Am service

    Oct 17 JOC

    Oct 24 Larry & Bette S, Dave K

    Oct 31 Rich & Barb H, Bob R, Solomon K

    Nov 7 Keith L, Ken D, Tim B

    Nov 14 Bob & Shirley VDB, Chad B

    Nov 21 JOC

    Nov 25 (Thanksgiving) Vern & Verna DW, Ross N

    Nov 28 Lee L, Don & Mary S

    Dec 5 Keith L, Ken D, Ross N

    Dec 12 Glenn K, Brady G, Michael V

    Dec 19 JOC

    Dec 25 Larry & Bette S, Tim P

    Dec 26 Rich & Barb H, John T

  • nursery - First row is AM, second row is PM

    Nursery is provided for the morning worship service only.

    Oct 17 Keri B, Emily B

    Oct 24 Kate B, Laura B

    Oct 31 Jill J, Hannah T

    Nov 7 Emily H, Michelle D

    Nov 14 Jessica N, Lee L

    Nov 21 Natasha G, Jolyn S

    Nov 25 (Thanksgiving) Jessica N, Krista K

    Nov 28 Kim D, Gina P

  • collecting in balcony

    We will not be passing offering plates until further notice. The offering plates are located a the back of the sanctuary, you may mail your offering to the church and it will be given to the deacons, or e-giving is available here or on the Give+ app. 

  • videotaping

  • projection

    AM Service

  • sound

    AM is listed first column, PM is second column, Revolution audio is third column. Revolution slides is fourth column.